Week 5 Daily Creates 4

1. Superpower: Kool Aid into Water

water into kool aid

For Wednesday’s Daily Create, I had to show my superpower in a photo. I was inspired by a nearby drinking fountain to do this. I photoshopped this image of my hand into an image of a drinking fountain in DuPont. Then, I used the paint tool to turn the water red, making it look like kool aid was coming out of the fountain.

2. Cookie Watch

cookie watch

Though I was “CRUNCHED for TIME” this weekend because of VAPS, I did do one more TDC on Sunday. For this, I had to make jewelry from food. I’m not much of a pearls girl so I went with a watch. To do this, I put a cookie I found in the Link (and yes, I did eat it later #noshame #collegelife) on a band I made from paper. Then, I used Snapchat to draw a “crummy”¬†watch face on the cooke.

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