They Brainwashed Her 4

For this assignment (worth 4 stars), I had to make some spooky sounds using my own recordings and editing.

To create this, I used Garageband to edit a clip that I had been saving of an ominous voicemail that my grandmother left on our house phone. The song is similar to my “Hello David, This Is Mary”:

I like to take things that at first glance seem maybe slightly humorous or unimportant and make them more scary/funny. That’s what I was trying to do with the voicemail from my grandma. I used vocal editing to highlight her paranoid attitude towards a nurse that had been working at her nursing home. Then, I added a beat and music using a MIDI keyboard. The megaphone voice effect plus the minor chord progression qualifies the song as “spooky.” I ended with bird noises to keep things light and comical.

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4 thoughts on “They Brainwashed Her

  • Janelle Pierangelino

    This was very spooky and creative given the fact that you used an actual voice mail from your grandmother. It certainly is am interesting to turn a voice mail message into a song. It was cool how you had an electronic music kind of beat to this song while certain parts of the voice mail were repeated with differing pitches. “She was brainwashed” being put alone was very effective and held weight to it because there was no music accompanying it. When reading your description, you wrote that the bird sounds made it comical, but I didn’t get that tone, which is fine. The bird sounds still carried the same spooky tone as the whole audio did. Well done. Very creative and unique work.

  • Leanna

    i am beyond amazed at your sound editing skills! you certainly have a knack for this if you hear a funny voicemail and rather than delete it say ‘no wait i can turn this into art’