Silk Road- Final Product 1

Behold: NeoNoir’s “Silk Road”- a radio show created by Sarah Kinzer and Jada Steward. In the show, Sophie, a hacker based in New York, teams up with Carter Smith, a determined police officer and his mentor, Tom, to catch Folami Turay, the leader of a ring of underage prostitutes operating through a deep web site called “Silk Road”, This show combines modern elements like the Internet and cell phones with more classic Noir conventions like guns and fast cars to produce a modern (and sometimes comedic) take on a narrative of crime, violence, revenge, and romance.

Jada and I met on Thursday night after a long week of classes to bang out a script. We locked ourselves in the conference room of the Link until we went crazy we had a working script. Then, we each recorded audio for the voices, Jada covering Sophie and Tom’s voices while I handled Carter’s and Ami’s. On Saturday, Jada sent me her audio and I went to work arranging a rough draft. I sent this to Jada late Saturday night and she finished up some last-minute details. Though we only had two working members, we managed to create over 10 minutes of exciting narrative, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

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