Lie About Your Age

album cover

For this assignment (worth 3 stars), I had to make an album cover through a detailed process for each aspect: title, band, and image. I tweaked this assignment by creating my own image based on what I found as well as Sylvia and Ami‘s relationship. The title was generated by a random quote: “The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.”- Lucille Ball. The band name was from a randomly generated Wikipedia article.  I made the image in Photoshop using silhouettes from online, the gradient tool, and text.

Ami and Sylvia are both femme fatales. I imagine them being best friends in crime, constantly on the hunt to ruin the lives of men. There could even be a possible romantic aspect between the two. I think it would be cute. But mostly, they would probably form a grrrl band, with Ami singing front and Sylvia on drums or guitar. This is their album cover. The band is called Justus || as a play on the words “Just us two,” as they are literally partners in crime. The title of this album reflects their bitingly critical view of patriarchal standards by alluding to the fact that women are EXPECTED to lie about their age.



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