Folami Cartoon 2

cartoon folami

For this assignment (worth 3.5 stars), I created a cartoon image of my character, Folami. In the image, Ami is tall and intimidating, with high cheekbones and a rather androgynous wardrobe. She is smoking a cigarette, in typical noir fashion. The light gradient and soft purple colors stand in stark contrast to her dark skin and shadow. Overall, I think the image conveys a sense of power and confidence.

To create this image, I started with a similar image of Grace Jones. I chose this because I see many similarities in these two women. Then, I used the paint and paint bucket tools to create a similar cartoon image of Folami, giving her a spiked pixie cut and a powerful yet bored expression. Next, I created a shadow behind her using the clone stamp, paint bucket, and blur tools. Finally, I added a gradient in the background to give it some gentle color.

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