Character Dossier: Ami (Folami) Turay 3

Physical Description

Ami is a tall, muscular woman with a conventionally attractive athletic body. Her smooth dark skin, strong eyebrows, defined cheekbones, full lips, and rich brown eyes contribute to her overall aura of otherworldly beauty. Her hair is a Halle Berry-style pixie. Her voice is deep and silky. Her style is modern and angular with pops of bright colors matched with mainly grey and black garments.


Though born in Accra, Ghana in 1984, Ami grew up mainly in New York City. After her father, a political activist and radical, was part of an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate then-President Rawlings in 1985, she fled with her mother to New York. Raised alone by her mother in Central Harlem, Ami quickly learned to survive in the city through smart choices and a tough, stoic attitude. A couple of months after Ami’s sixteenth birthday, her mother died of pneumonia, unable to afford treatment. Incapable of affording a place to live, Ami moved in with her closest friend, nineteen year old Katiana Ramos, picking up a job singing and stripping at a local club to help pay the bills. She still lives with Katiana in their apartment in West Harlem. She is passionate about racial activism during the day, but she takes on an entirely different persona at night, delivering tantalizing performances to shady audiences and at times mysteriously retiring for the evening with an attractive customer on her arm.


Food: New York style pizza

Drink: Gin and Tonic

Color: Red

Book: The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Movie: Selma

Possession: A necklace that belonged to her mother


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