Week 11 Summary

NEW SITE Ami here. My new domain is up for Silk Road. Check it out. I’ve got a homepage, mission statement, blog, contact form, and portfolio of products. COMMENTS one  two three four five six seven eight nine ten    

Week 10 Summary 1

Ami here to recap the week. Video Assignments I created a Queen Latifah highlight video, an Odell Beckham Jr. video, and a video representing my life and development. Organizing I am flying solo. Daily Creates I made fingerprint art, a color video, and a story about strangers. Commenting One – […]

Turay Narrative 2

For this assignment (worth four stars), I had to describe myself (my character) through various clips. I started with No Church in the Wild by Angel Haze to represent my distrust of society from a young age. Then, I used Man Down by Rihanna to show how and why I began […]

Queen Latifah Highlights 1

For this assignment (worth three stars), we had to create a video of a few of our favorite actor’s best scenes. Queen Latifa is my (Ami’s) favorite actress. She portrays a wide variety of characters, but always a strong woman who loves herself. I wish there were more roles created for […]

Odell Beckham 1

For this assignment (worth 5 stars), I made a highlight reel of Odell Beckham Jr., my (Ami speaking) favorite football player. I found clips online and compiled them into a video, finally adding Power by Kanye West as the music. The Giants are my team. I don’t indulge in things […]

Week 10 Daily Creates

Friday- Fingerprint Art For this TDC, I had to make art out of fingerprints. I made a Divest banner. The colors I used were black/gray and orange because those are the colors of the divestment movement. There will be an open forum on divestment tomorrow at 3 pm in Dodd […]

Final Unit Choice 1

Looks like Turay is flying solo. Can’t trust anyone but yourself. I’ve known that for a long time.


This week I got caught up in many different things and largely forgot about DS106. DivestUMW has been very busy working on a response effort to the UMW BOV’s dismissal of the University’s concerns, and this weekend I attended the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference in DC. I know that […]

Daily Creates Week 9

Friday- Rainy Day 1 For this TDC, I had to write a poem about rainy days. I hate rainy days, especially when they are cold, so I wrote a poem about how cold rainy days make me feel. I get really hopeless and apathetic when it rains. All of my […]

Week 8

Radio Listening I listened to and reviewed Noir D&D on Tuesday night and commented on Twitter. Inspired I inputed my inspirations and posted about the process. Character Assignments Monster- 4 A Love Story- 3 Lie About Your Age- 3 Character Social Media I made Folami a Twitter and an email: […]